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Gemeinsames Büro

Connecting Continents

Every project is different. At HorizonBridge, in addition to our team in Rwanda and Germany, we only work with personally known partners who we select based on their experience in the respective field. In this way, we have the specialists needed for all issues and for every assignment in order to work practical, reliable and efficient.


christoph kleinhans_edited.jpg

Joseph Biziyaremye

Managing Director

Christoph Kleinhans


Martin Ruvugabingwi

Public Relations

People make the difference

A well-coordinated team creates trust and produces first-class results. We work with people who we know are a good fit for us. People who go the extra mile to bring a project to a successful completion. And last but not least, people who want to make a difference, for whom it is not just work, but their passion.

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