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Work in Germany

The bridge for rwandan professionals to live and  work in Germany

We are always on the lookout for people from Rwanda who are enthusiastic about skilled trades or have already completed a skilled trades apprenticeship or degree and would like to live and work in Germany.

Register with us and we will contact you as soon as a position is available in Germany that matches your profile.

Registration is free of charge for you. If we place you in a craft business in Germany, we will take care of everything and support you before, during and after your trip, in Rwanda and Germany. You are always in good hands and well looked after.

We will be paid by your future employer in Germany. You only pay the costs for your visa and your language course in Rwanda. This is approx. 300 USD for the language course in Kigali and 500 USD for the work visa for Germany (these costs will only be paid later and not all at once).


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